The Lift Inspectors Association of South Africa was established by a group of seasoned individuals in the lift industry in an effort to create an appropriate forum to discuss and regulate critical and controversial issues, as well as provide a pillar of support to fellow colleagues. Since its establishment, LIASA has matured into an influential organisation duly recognised by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) as a "Category A" Voluntary Association. Through effective communication, periodic meetings and constructive discussions, the members are able to create new strategies of understanding and enhancing the standards that govern the industry. The combined expertise and decades of experience offered by the members forms an integral source of motivation to emerging Lift Inspectors and support to the various governing bodies.





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Update Contact Details   1. Notice to all members regarding the format of meetings. Members are requested to submit all queries (technical, legal, support etc.) via email to the Executive Secretary. The queries shall form part of the agenda and the questions and answers shall be published on our website as an ongoing support service.

In an effort to ensure all queries are appropriately researched before being addressed at meetings, members are urged to submit queries at least two weeks before meetings.

2. The contact details for Regional DOL offices is accessed via a link on the main LINKS page (subject to amendment)

3. All LIASA accredited courses and seminars have now been uploaded on the ECSA CPD website. Members who need to update their CPD activities should now have no problem obtaining points for their associated attendance or participation.

4. Users and maintenance service providers are under the impression that SANAS Accredited Inspection Bodies are approved to perform inspections. Only Inspection Bodies approved by the Department of Labour are authorised to perform inspections.


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